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Case Study: Team Elite Website Redesign & SEO

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Kelly O'Donnell


When conducting an SEO audit, we discovered that Team Elite was ranking on page 50 of Google search results for the major local chiropractic and sports chiropractic keywords. Additionally, Team Elite's site health was in the 30 percentile (websites should be in the 90th percentile). This indicated there were several technical issues within the website. Additionally, it did not adhere to user-experience or design best practices.


A complete website redesign that focused on:

  • A seamless user experience across mobile, desktop, tablet, and laptop
  • Ability to book an appointment directly on the website
  • SEO best practices for title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and content
  • Leverage design best practices to ensure the experience isn't clutter or overwhelming for the user
  • Clear navigation and layout of pages that correlates with business objectives


  • Most importantly, Team Elite has seen a significant increase in new patients and bookings through the website
  • A new responsive website with clear navigation and seamless design
  • Site health of 96%
  • 8  keywords rank in the top 3 of search results
  • 19 keywords hit on the first page of Google
  • All 3 locations rank on the first page
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