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Non-Profit Consultancy

Live provides a variety of consulting services to non-profit organizations. From comprehensive fundraising strategies to strategic plans and Executive Director Services.

Executive Director as a Service

Is your non-profit stuck in a place where you are not financially ready to hire a full-time Executive Director, but your Board and working volunteers are getting burnt out from the many tasks involved in running a non-profit?

Our Executive Director as a Service is designed to help organizations at the grass-roots level get off the ground. We provided a variety of support and expertise from program planning and expansion, to fundraising strategy, to Board structure, and everything in-between. Some of our services as include:

  • Mission, vision, and programmatic clarity
  • Development of a 3-year strategic plan
  • Comprehensive fundraising strategy
  • Expansion strategy and implementation plan
  • Board reporting and management
  • Strategy, execution, and management of all fundraising Initiatives
Director of Development as a Service

Does your organization need to contract a Director Development? Our team can help. Our Director of Development as a Service is designed for Founders or Executive Directors who focus primarily on programs, and in return, need support on the fundraising front. Our Director of Development services include:

  • Comprehensive fundraising strategy
  • Grant Research, application, and management
  • Strategy, executive, and management of fundraising appeals (email, print, social, and video)
  • The creation of any peer-to-peer, monthly giving, or corporate sponsorship strategies, implementations, and management
  • Management of donor database and CRM
  • Management of any digital marketing initiatives and the creation of digital assets (stories, photos, videos, testimonials, etc.)
  • Reporting on fundraising KPI's
Fundraising Consultant

Are you looking for a sounding board and partner-in-strategy for all things related to your organization's fundraising needs? We are happy to support as your fundraising BFF and talk through all of your fundraising frameworks and strategies.

Fundraising strategies & implementations

Our Fundraising Specialties

We specialize in a variety of fundraising services to help your organization reach fundraising goals. We work as an extension of your team to build kick-ass strategies, manage implementation, and support your fundraising initiatives.

Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy

A comprehensive fundraising strategy organizes and articulates all of your fundraising initiatives for the year. We explore your organization's historical giving and plan the different tactics, timelines, and projected revenue streams for the year.

Digital & Mail Fundraising Appeals

Managing a mail campaign takes up a lot of a fundraising team's capacity for months. Our team is experts in creating a mail campaign strategy, designing and writing a captivating mailer, coordinating the printing, and managing the overall appeal.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Individuals donate to people and stories, which is why peer-to-peer continues to be the more impactful individual giving tactic. Let our team help to create your peer-to-peer strategy and implementation plan.

Monthly Giving Programs

Monthly giving is awesome because it is recurring revenue that sustains your organization. It provides predictable cash-flow on a monthly basis AND breaks donations down into smaller payments for the individuals supporting your mission. Want to create a strong monthly giving program? Let us help!

Corporate Sponsorship Programs

Our team begins corporate sponsorship strategies by conducting asset mapping to understanding what benefits your organization has to offer and how to leverage these assets to maximize giving. From there, we research what businesses would be compelled by the benefits your program offers. Success is found when your proposal aligns with a corporation's values.


Aren't grants just so time-consuming? We've got you! Our team will conduct comprehensive grant research and provide a list of valuable prospects to consider applying for funding from. Not only will you get a list of prospects, but we'll also take care of the grant writing and submission for you!

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