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Case Study: Higher Achievement Website Redesign

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Kelly O'Donnell


Higher Achievement website had a jarring user experience and design. The background was bright green with black elements. It had confusing navigation through the website and difficult to figure out what page you were on, how you got to the page, and how to navigate back. The website also lacked a clear call-to-action for both participants and donors.


In partnership with Opus Design

  • Create a clear sitemap that included breadcrumbs on each page
  • Provide a national homepage, as well as affiliate-specific homepages to give a national presence but the ability to have a localized experience for programmatic participants and donors
  • Create a new color palette and implement a new design and style guide throughout the website
  • Ensure the hierarchy of each page made sense as it relates to overall business goals


See Higher Achievement's live new website!

National Homepage
Affiliate-specific homepage
Email sign up call to action
Donate page with tabs for different ways to give
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