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Case Study: One Summit Executive Director

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Kelly O'Donnell

The Challenge:

One Summit was a grass-roots start up nonprofit without full time staff or a strong volunteer base. One Summit lacked programmatic strategy and fundraising plans. Unsure of how to scale, One Summit needed to build operational structure, brand, and fundraising plans.

The Goal:

To build a strong, scalable, non-profit organization with a strong fundraising pipeline. To create and implemented the programmatic initiatives and scale the organization.

The Result:

  • Revised the mission, vision, branding, and completed a website overhaul
  • Created the first 3-year strategic plan with operation plan
  • Established and managed the first Board of Advisors
  • Built the first comprehensive fundraising strategy, strategized, implemented, and managed the first fundraising plans that raised over $570,000 in 2 years
  • Management of digital and mail campaigns, peer-to-peer initiatives, corporate sponsors, events, grants, and all other fundraising related tasks
  • Created the expansion strategy and implementation to include 2 new cities, 2 additional programmatic initiatives, and refinement of existing programmatic activity
  • Management of 3 programmatic initiatives in 3 cities across the US, planning and executing more than 16 events across the US in 3 years

Example of Annual Appeal:

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